Welcome to 
Forest Green Man

Welcome to Forest Green Man Lavender, the South Okanagan’s original Lavender farm, where we offer luxurious products for uses in both, your bath and kitchen.
We’ve been growing lavender since 2000 and we also distill high-quality essential oils from our own plants. All our lavender products are made from natural ingredients.

You can find us in the Okanagan Valley, at 620 Boothe Road, in Naramata, BC, Canada. We have a small parking lot along Boothe Road. A short walk through the pear trees and past Odetta’s Garden takes you to our main lavender field and the shop in our new barn. Let us know if you  have difficulty walking short distances, we can help you to drive closer to the shop.

We will re-open for 2017 at the beginning of May and will be open Wed-Sun. 11-5. As from July on, we are open every day from 11-5. Should you want to come to the shop outside of these times, please phone us at 250 488 8365 and we can make arrangements to open for you. Thank you so much for your continued patronage!


                    Doug Mathias & Karolina Born-Tschuemperlin
                    Forest Green Man Lavender
                    600/620 Boothe Road
                    Naramata, BC   Canada  V0H 1N1

P.S. If you have visited our farm and liked it, we would be ueber-excited if you could give us a “glowing” review on trip advisor.....


P.P.S. The "Green Man" is usually represented as a stylized face made up of leaves and branches — the Celtic spirit of nature, an ancient symbol, representing growth, fertility and renewal. He appears in many cultures. He dies in the winter and is reborn in the spring and we are convinced that he’s out there, somewhere, amongst our fruit trees, vegetables and lavender fields....


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to watch our interview with Sandy Dawson in June/09 from CHBC-TV, and


to watch Richard resurrect the old MF 35 tractor!


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     Selected Forest Green Man lavender products are now available at: 
Penticton Visitor Center: www.tourismpenticton.com 
(pretty much all of our products)
    www.thebenchmarket.com, Penticton: (culinary lavender, Herbes de Provence, Lavender Pepper, Sel de Provence, lavender sugar and lavender tea.)
www.teasandweaves.com, Penticton (lavender tea)
www.tickleberrys.com , OK Falls (our culinary line)
The Lavender Tea Cup, Edmonton (lavender bunches)
www.silkroadspices.ca, Calgary (culinary lavender) 
We are also shipping. Just send us an email and let us know what you need. 
How would you like to spend your next vacation on our lavender farm? Our orange cabin a holiday destination! You can find a sneak preview on our vacation rentals page or go to www.bbcanada.com and type in “the Lavender Cottage”.